центр иностранных языков

онлайн тест


центр иностранных языков

онлайн тест

Предлагаем пройти данный тест всем желающим начать или продолжить изучать английский язык в LF CENTER. Для получения максимально объективного результата рекомендуем воздержаться от использования любых ресурсов во время работы над тестовыми вопросами. После прохождения теста с вами свяжется менеджер центра и предложит возможные варианты занятий.

Кандидатам, желающим записаться на курс подготовки к экзамену IELTS, необходимо пройти устное тестирование. Подробности по телефону/вотсап +79655982989.

Тест на определение уровня владения английским языком

60 вопросов
один правильный ответ - 1 балл
примерное время на тест - от 15 до 45 минут


1. I’m a nurse. And ____ do you do?

2. Can I have ___  fruit, please?

3. We go on picnics ___ in the summer.

4. We’re thirsty! Is there ___  juice left?

5. Mary can ___ all night long.

6. ___ boys over there are Spanish.

7. Jim is a security guard. He sleeps during the day and works ___ night.

8. Nick is a ___ tennis player than Tom.

9. Mary drives ___ car to work every day.

10. They want to visit China ___ they love Chinese cuisine.

11. We’ve been good friends ___ many years.

12. You ___ pay for the tickets. They’re free.

13. These are the photos ___ we took on holiday.

14. He doesn’t smoke now, but he ___ a lot when he was young.

15. Nicolas plays chess ___ anyone else I know.

16. I promise I ___ you with the washing-up as soon as I finish this cleaning.

17. How about ___ out tonight?

18. I didn’t like the film. ___. I think it was really boring.

19. We won’t go on holiday ___ we save enough money.

20. Jill went down with flu and ___ stay in bed for a week.

21. Excuse me, can you ___ me the way to the station, please?

22. I ___ to the cinema since last year.

23. ___ bag is this? – It’s Neil’s.

24. Who was the man ___?

25. This suitcase is too heavy for me ___ lift.

26. There wasn’t anything interesting on TV last night, ___?

27. I ___ lunch when somebody knocked on the door.

28. There’s a five-hour time difference ___ London and New York.

29. They wanted ___ to come to dinner, but we couldn’t go.

30. I have been playing ___ piano since I was five.

31. I’m going to visit Mexico and ___ United States.

32. You will pass the test if you work ___.

33. You certainly wouldn’t like ___ in such bad company.

34. I’ve lost my watch. Will you help me look ___ it?

35. I often ___ money from my parents.

36. He ___ on a business trip next Monday.

37. Greg married my mother after my parents divorced, so he’s my ___.

38. He used to be a chain smoker, but he gave ___ smoking ten years ago.

39. I tried to call you but your line was ___.

40. The ___ is downstairs in the kitchen.

41. I ___ early in the morning now, but before I wasn’t.

42. I’m looking forward ___ on holiday in summer.

43. I want you to ___ me the truth!

44.  ___ I felt ill, I went to the party.

45. I couldn’t change my sweater at the store because I had lost my ___.

46. Unfortunately, the traffic held me up. When I arrived at the airport, the plane ___.

47. I’m exhausted. I ___ a lot recently.

48. If I ___ the mistake, I would have corrected it.

49. There were a lot of people on the platform, waiting ___ arrive.

50. There are a lot of educational websites ___ this one.

51. You ___ take along some cash. The restaurant may not accept credit cards.

52. Sheila’s engagement ring is enormous! It ___ have cost a fortune.

53. He came ___ a lot of money at a very early age, so he has never had to work.

54. Maggie put the blanket ___ her son to keep him warm as he slept.

55. If you really want to send that letter off today, it’s ___ time you went to the post office.

56. No sooner ___ I shut the door, than the telephone rang.

57. I must admit I ___ thought how the story would finish before I read the book.

58.  ___ me if I’ve told you this before.

59. That stupid dog ___ all day long.

60. Your clothing is so ___ of date. You need a modern wardrobe.